Lactating Molly

Based in Hartford, CT, USA

Lactating provider based in New England.

Travel upon request.


I am available at the following donations for my milky deliciousness. 

  • 1 Hour Meals on Heels 350
  • 2 Hours Breast Friends 550
  • 3 Hours Breastaurant 750
  • 4 Hours Go for Bust 900
  • Overnight The Full Boobie 1500
  • Weekend (Friday-Sunday) 2500

Payment Options: Of course, cash is king, but I also accept these on a case-by-case basis: Wire transfer, Check, Vanilla Reload, Gift Card..

I am couples friendly.

I am a super huge fan of overnights. It's like a no-strings-attached one night stand hotness combined with that cuddling and closeness only an old flame can give. And I promise the morning after won't have the awkward walk of shame.. but it may have cronuts. ;]

Psst -

 I don't pay attention to the clock. We will spend, at minimum, that amount of time together, but if you have an arrangement that will be close to the time we part, please let me know when I arrive, so we don't dawdle too much (if there is such a thing!) Typically, I do have a time in my head in which I will turn into a pumpkin, but I'm not in a rush. We're here to enjoy ourselves!

Donations are to be placed out visible to me upon arrival in an envelope (Restroom vanity preferred) If we happen to meet for coffee or dinner first, feel free to tuck it inside a newspaper or magazine. (I'm a fan of the NY Times and Good Housekeeping -don't judge me, lol) Donations are to be an unspoken act. Please do not ask, "What do I owe you?" and whip out your wallet and haggle at the end of our session. This is not Jiffy Lube. 

(Don't make me kick your butt. I've got fuzzy cuffs, a strap on and a feather, and I know how to use them.)


Want to be the exclusive Rooster in my hen house? It's not as hard as you might think, but it isn't for the faint of heart! 100% exclusivity, including a notice on my website that I am unavailable and on hiatus/retirement comes at the cost of $5000, monthly. This includes 8-10+ overnights, dates, enjoyment of spontaniety.. and the ability to play at my house. No more hotels for you, bud. Unless, of course, you'd like to sully their sheets for a change. This is, quite literally, a girlfriend on retainer.



Check out my Travel Schedule.  I've reduced the frequency of my availability near home, but I'm very happy to come visit you.

I rarely offering incall unless I'm travelling. If you're unsure, just ask.